eSUN eSpool Detachable Refilament Reel, PC Hollow Recyclable Filament Holder, Easy Setup Environment-Friendly Replacement Storage Spool, 2 Pack, 200x65mm

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  • 【Removable & Reusable eSpool】Specially Designed for 3D Printer Refills. eSpool can be assembled and disassembled freely for repeat usage, recyclable and eco-friendly. Compared with non-detachable reel, it saves storage space and cost, reduce the waste of disposable reels.
  • 【Environmental Friendly】Made of PC material, light weight, high toughness and strength. Transparent appearance can monitor the usage of remaining filament in real-time. High Temperature Resistance and Large Hollow Structure makes 3D printer filament dried faster.
  • 【Easy to Use】Press cuboid column into the fixing hole of the disk until 3pcs columns are fixed, put 3D refill onto the installed disk, then align the fixing hole of another disk and press until the two disks are tightly fixed together. eSpool can be used repeatedly, durable and strong, not easy to break.
  • 【High Compatibility】Disk Diameter 200mm, Column Lengh 65mm, Column Width 34mm, Disk Thickness 4mm. Assembled structure, small space occupation, convenient to storage. Compatible with Most of 0.5KG, 0.75KG and 1KG PLA, PETG and other 3D printer spoolless filament.
  • 【Package Includes】2 Pack eSpool in total, each eSpool includes 2pcs round disk and 3pcs cuboid column, come in a packaging bag made of biodegradable PBAT and PLA biological materials. eSpool can be used with eSUN eBOX Dryer Box together, shorten drying time.