Parallel Matrix UV Light Mod Kit for EPAX X1

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For EPAX X1.  This parallel matrix uv light mod has all the parts/screws necessary to change your existing X1 light source to this style.  Video will be added soon.  All you need to do is to follow our video instruction.

This style adds a little bit of more dimensional accuracy than standard light source.

The latest edition of this light source now uses lower energy level -- about 30Watt.   It is tuned to have exact same exposure time as the standard light source. 
As always, we support customers who want to do mod on EPAX printers.  Our printers are mod friendly by design and should stay so for as long as we can.
Warranty:  This mod kit has 3 month warranty.
If you are not comfortable on installing this Mod, you can order this Mod and have your printer shipped to us for service.  Service is free.  You cover shipping costs.