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World's First Low Temperature 3D FDM Pen!  Support both eMate and regular PLA/PLA+.

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As many users know, high temperature out of current FDM 3D printing material is a major safety challenge when we try to educate kids on how to do 3D drawing with pen.  

The 3D pens currently on the market all have the same issue: the pen tip is so hot that it can cause severe burns when it touches your skin. It is quite possible for an adult user to get burned accidentally when moving the pen around. The tip can be easily 160 degree Celsius with ABS and 120 degree Celsius with PLA. 

Majority of current 3D drawing materials are not reusable - the objects printed or drawn, good or bad, can not be reused and eventually become wastes and ultimately will be ended up going to landfill. To protect our environment and reduce material cost, it is naturally desirable to have something that we can use again and again, not just use once and toss it to trash can.

These are the reasons that we designed and developed Low Temperature 3D Printing/Drawing filament called eMorph/eMate.  Together with this great material, our engineers also worked with OEM manufacturers and developed a special 3D Pen which supports eMate low temperature filament and regular PLA.  Our 3D pen tip temperature is about 50 Celsius, much safer for kids to use, and greatly reduces the chances to get burned accidentally. The eMorph/eMate filament can be recycled and be used as molding plastic, and it is bio-degradable, non-toxic and FDA approved material. You can melt and mold with this material again and again. Not only you don’t have wastes any more, but also you now have this safe magic material for 3D molding, making masks, costume pieces, brackets, toys, tools, and replacement parts. For those who still want to use PLA, this pen is also backward compatible to PLA material (Just a different temperature setting).  

This pen does not support ABS.  Due to the high temperature of ABS and the toxic smell of ABS material, we do not support ABS in our pen.  We only support kids safe low temperature material and PLA.  Both are biodegradeable and environmentally friendly.


How to use Low Temp 3D Pen Filament and its compatible pen? 

1. Set the temperature settings to eMate (92 Celsius inside)

2. Load the eMate filament and draw things you want

3. The extruded plastic is not very hot.  You can draw any creative things you want.  You can even briefly touch the pen tip without being burned.

4.  The finished art work, if ready to be recycled, can be put into hot water (75 Celsius) for a minute or two.  It will turn to soft paste.  You can add any colorant you want and mix them together to make toys, tools and models etc.

5  Shape it by hand. 

6  Allow it to cool.  The plastic is very hard when in normal room temperature

7  eMate low temperature filament parameters

8  Use PLA as another supported filament material



This kit is designed with kids education in mind. From much safer low temperature pen tip and the material, to reusing the wastes for 3D molding in class. This set is perfect for schools teaching 3D geometry, basic molding skills, arts and crafts. Supporting educational users is our highest priority and we provide special discount to schools. 

We recommend customers try not to change filament from PLA to eMate and backwards quite often.  It requires some cautious and skills to do it right and push out any leftovers of previous material.

Warranty:  3 months full warranty.  Buyer pays one-way shipping for services.

Return: 30 days return period from the date of delivered.  Buyer pays return shipping and 15% restock fee.

Support:  6 months email support. 

We stand behind any products offered here and customer satisfaction is our No.1 priority, as always.