EPAX X1 5.5 Inch Screen Pre-cut Tape

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As seen in pictures.   Tape only, no screen included.

Ready to install.

Steps to apply tape on LCD screen:

1, Download the two cbddlp files which are helpful to display the edge of displayable screen.  You can find the thin frame file here and thick frame file here.

2, Remove both vat and build platform.  Print one of the above cbddlp file to show where the edge of screen is.  There is a little bit light on each side of display area to help tape installation.  Apply the pre-cut tape to the light frame so that the light frame is still seen.  On each of the 4 sides there is 1mm room for you.  So you don't necessarily need to apply the tape precisely.  The tape is 2mm larger than display area on each dimension.

3, If you don't have pre-cut tape, you can use kapton tape for the same purpose.

4, Press down the tape so that it is even and secure.

5, Do an auto home to make sure things are all good.  Then, do an auto home with VAT installed.


To help installation, please watch below video.

How to apply pre-cut tape around LCD screen:


Useful to prevent leaking to screen and help held the screen in place.