EPAX X156 nFEP nonFEP film for LCD 3d resin printer

EPAX nFEP Premium Film for EPAX X156, ONE film

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** This is a pre-purchase. We do not yet have this product available for shipment, but we anticipate that it will be ready for shipment on or before the release date of the EPAX X156 printer.

Our Non-FEP (nFEP) films are a special blend of Teflon material, superior to standard FEP films and ideal for large-format printers when you will truly be able to recognize the benefits.

This package of film includes ONE (1) piece of nFEP film sized for the EPAX X156 15.6" LCD 3D printer with 0.125mm thickness.

  • nFEP is excellent quality: resistant to high temperatures (up to 220° C), chemically resistant, UV stable and providing the ultimate non-stick surface
  • It is perfectly smooth - smoother than FEP films - with optimal air permeability, which leads to less vacuum suction force for fewer failed prints due to layers sticking to the film
  • Each package is shipped in thoughtful protective packaging.
Films are Made in Japan, Cut and Packed in China