eSUN PolyMorph Moldable Plastic Pellets for 3D Prototyping, DIY, Crafts, Toys, Repairs, Molding 0.5kg(1.1lb)(17.63oz)

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Esun Polymorph is perfect for DIY projects, repairs, crafts, prototypes
What is eSUN PolyMorph?
1. One type of thermoplastic
Low melting point of 60 ℃
Solidifies at room temperature promptly.
2. Easy-to-use mouldable plastic
Soften in hot water
Shape objects with your hands.

Who uses?
1. Children
2. Adults for molding and house fixing
3. DIY hobbyists
4. Professional designers

How to use?
1. Combine hot water and Esun Polymorph. At 60°C(140°F) your Esun Polymorph will transform into a soft, transparent blob.Remove Esun polymorph from hot water.
2. Let it cool until you can comfortably touch it with your bare hands.
3. Mould Esun polymorph with your hands. Be careful, there may still be pockets of hot water in your ESUN polymorph blob.
4. Dip your Esun polymorph item in ice water. This is optional, but it will stop your item dropping as it cools.
5.Keep your Esun prototype material item away from heat and it will last for years. If you are not satisfied with your creation, reheat it and try again!

1. Safety First! Never heat Esun polymorph over 200°C, which will damage the polymer.
2. Around 5 minutes to shape before it cools. Don't worry; you can always soften it again by putting it back in hot water.
3. Colors will get lighter as your Esun Polymorph cools.
4. You can use a variety of tools to refine your prototypes once it has cooled and hardened, such as Stanley knife, drill, saw, tin snips, scissors.