eSUN Brand

Many people inside 3D filament supplier industry know that eSUN brand is a premium brand.  However many consumers  are not familiar with the brand.  So some references from this industry would help you know more about us.  Here are some info from web:

Creator Richard T. on August 5

The eSUN filament is good, without a doubt. Also, the 3D filaprint material is of good quality. The issue is with really cheap materials, as there is some real rubbish out there. I have had issues with material not being coiled properly, resulting in the filament getting stuck and another failed print. Another big issue is dust, although a dust cleaner makes a big difference. As a general rule, stick with respectable brands and avoid the really cheap stuff: if it's too good to be true, etc...




eSUN attended World Maker Faire New York 2014 in September.


One recent eSUN booth in an Europe conference with local agents.

eSUN in action.

eSUN Polymorph.  It is just like Play Doh!