ESUN releases new ePC filament

In order to meet continuous request from our loyal customers, eSUN has put research and development of 3D filaments as the first priority.  ESUN has already released Wood, PETG, Bronze, Cleaning and color changing filaments.

In June, ESUN announced the newly improved Polycarbonate filament called ePC.  Here is the first look of it.  Currently only natural color available.

Features: transparency, high strength and environmental friendly.   It also reaches UL94-V2 flame retardant level.




Compared with traditional PC filament, ePC has better FDM printing performance with much less edge warp condition.  As a consequence, the melting temperature and printing temperature are also a bit lower than traditional Polycarbonate.

“The usability is always a crucial element when we develop new filaments”



In fact, the testing result indicates that ePC filaments has great advantage on its high strength and high flame retardant level, in addition to transparent color and high distortion temperature.



Product specification:

Diameter: 1.75/3.00mm, 0.5kg/Roll, natural color;

Print temperature range: 235~260℃, Flame retardant level: UL94:V2

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